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Well i'm playing pixelmon 1.7.10
And i'm trying a normal gym
1st porygon2, abilty download moves; recover, tri attack, psychic and thunder wave lv 25
2nd starapotor, dont know ability
Moves; close combat, brave bird (dont know other two)
3th miltank, ability thick fat, moves; toxic, milk drink, thunder wave and (dont know) pls help me he keeps using recover and milkdrink


Pixelmon? Like, the Minecraft mod?
Aren't unofficial game questions not allowed?
They aren't allowed, however I think that by giving general advice, such as using a Ghost type Pokemon, this question can be answered to some degree. And if anybody has more specialized knowledge, all the better.
If you're having trouble with Miltank's Recover and Milk Drink, use either Heal Block (Prevents the opponent from restoring HP for 5 turns.) or Drain Punch (User recovers half the HP inflicted on opponent.).

Drain Punch will be a very good coverage move against Normal-types.
I think the best way to deal with recover users is to use some move that boosts an attack stat, like swords dance or nasty plot.

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What Trachy mentioned in the comments about using a Ghost-type Pokémon to battle your Normal-type Gym Leader is pretty good advice, because Ghost is immune to Normal (but, Normal also is immune to Ghost). So, try using a Fighting-type move (if your Ghost-types can learn them either through TM, egg move, level-up, or even Hidden Power), because Normal-type's only weakness is Fighting. And that's all I have to say about that.

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You need a Pokemon with the move taunt to stop them from recovering and toxicing and thunder waving.