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1) Brionne


This is just for in game***

Also any help with movesets would be great too! Thank you very much!!


I'm playing this game pretty slowly so I don't mind evolving things if I need to.

1) Primarina lv. 44
Ice Wind (Want to change to Ice Beam)
Sparkling Aria

2)Magneton (will evolve to Magnezone whenever I can) currently lv. 42
Tri Attack
Flash Cannon
Thunder Wave

3)Salazzle lv. 37
Flame Burst
Nasty Plot

4)Noibat lv. 43 (I kinda want to keep noibat instead of Hawlucha, thanks for the tip though!)
Razor Wind
Wing Attack
Air Cutter

5)Tsareena lv. 38
Trop Kick
Aromatic Mist(i dont really use this...no other moves yet :/ )
Razor leaf(dont really use this)
Stomp (dont really use this)

6)Bewear??? Idk if this is even a good bet. <----- This is the position I want to switch out. Please let me know what might work better than Bewear??

Take down
Brutal Swing

Looking at the elite 4, I have nothing against Ghost types... like literally nothing. Should I just power through? Or should I move in the Haunter that I have in the bank? Thank you so much for the help! :)

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I think you should use Hawlucha instead of Noibat, because Hawlucha can be good without evolving.

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Lycanroc would do good since there's a Lycanium Z.

And for movesets.
Nature Jolly +Speed-Sp.Atk
Stone Edge or Rock Tomb if it its not high level for Stone Edge
Roar keep away super effective Pokemon till later
Accelerock is Lycanroc signature attack and high priority attack
Crunch Super Effective on Ghost types
Sorry I could not include Evs But I don't know how they work. If it has a different nature you you don't need a new one. just thought that would help.

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For an ingame team, natures and EVs are usually unnecessary, but if you’re going to include the nature, then Modest actively hinders the moveset you’ve given, which consists fully of physical moves and Roar. Adamant or Jolly would be better.
Ok I'll edit it.