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I need help building my Sun Team I'm having difficulty choosing one last Pokémon for it. What would be a good pick?
My team is:
-Alolan Raichu
I was maybe considering Aegislash or Rhyperior. I don't want to use Legendary or anymore starters and I don't want Pokémon who have 2 of their typings already being used in my team, I'm fien with one however. Ex: Rhyperior is Rock and Ground and Golisopod is already Rock.
Please help a fellow gamer out I'm not to keen on team building and I'd appreciate the help.

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Golisopod isn’t a rock type, it’s Bug-Water.
How are you using Abomasnow? It isn't available until the game is over and isn't available in Regular Sun. :P

Salamence takes a long time to level up and probably isn't a great Pick. :P
You can't get Abomasnow at all in Sun or Moon unless you traded one from USUM through Ultra Space.

Golisopod is a Bug-Water type and in all honesty I wouldn't even consider seriously using it since Emergency Exit makes it wildly inconsistent ingame. Salamence is a pain to train and doesn't really pick up on viability until it's excruciatingly late evolution, unless you don't mind spending hours grinding for a level 10 Salamence.

I also wouldn't typically recommend Island Scan Pokemon for the same reason of being a pain to get, but Aegislash is generally the better option due to its good stats and great movepool. Rhyperior is a fine choice and Rock/Ground is great offensively, but defensively it falls apart due to numerous common weaknesses.

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Aegislash is a great choice for any Pokemon playthrough considering its lovely stats.