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There are a ton of water types in Pokemon XD
Also recommend movesets and locations of the Pokemon, please!
Trade evos are allowed
No Pokemon I have to trade from a different game.
No Pokemon introduced from the DLCs
I'm on the 5th gym

So far I have
James Pond(Inteleon)
Snipe Shot
Sucker Punch
Ice Beam

Big Boi(Dreadnaw)
Razor Shell
Stone Edge

Throat Chop
Drill Run

Disarming Voice
Mud Shot

Dragon Dance
Ice Fang

Any ideas for a 6th member?
Edit:I'm using Seismotoad.

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Since you have a Mono-water team, I'd suggest Drizzle Pelipper replacing one of your current team members, since rain boosts the power of Water type moves.

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You're ridiculously vulnerable to Electric types, and while there aren't too many of those in the game, it's nice to have a counter. Therefore, you should use one of the Water/Ground types (or Lanturn) in the game: Quagsire, Whiscash, Gastrodon, or Seismitoad.

Has subpar stats, with its best being HP at 95. It's very slow, but Water Absorb is a decent Ability. It gets some nice moves like Earthquake, Aqua Tail, and Body Slam, but it's primarily a defensive Pokemon, which isn't needed in-game.

Terrible Abilities, and its stats are in much the same situation as Quagsire -- highest is HP, mediocre the rest of the way. Its Speed is higher though, and it does get moves like Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, Liquidation, and Dragon Dance.

Slow and bulky (there's a pattern here). Fortunately for it, it has a halfway decent Special Attack stat, meaning it can bring more to the field than both Quagsire and non-Dragon Dance Whiscash. It has a pretty terrible movepool, however, being relegated to a Water move, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb/Wave, and Earth Power.

In keeping with the pattern, Seismitoad is bulky and relatively slow. However, it does have three things that make it better than its Water/Ground brethren: Speed, Attack, and a movepool. It's faster than the other three (though not too fast), a very solid Attack stat for in-game, and a varied movepool, with access to things like Drain Punch, Liquidation, Poison Jab, Earthquake, and Ice Punch. Poison Touch is also pretty decent.

Thanks to PhailRaptor for reminding me of Lanturn. Volt Absorb provides the same Electric immunity you get from using a Water/Ground type, making it another decent choice. It'll also let you hit other Water types super effectively with STAB, another bonus. As with all the others though, it has high HP and mediocre stats the rest of the way. It does get some pretty good moves though, with Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Dazzling Gleam.

You should use Seismitoad. It's a bulky Water/Ground type, meaning it provides you with an Electric immunity, Ground STAB, and more coverage options, and it's faster and more powerful than the three other Water/Ground types in the game. You can get Tympole almost anywhere (Dappled Grove, West Lake Axewell, North Lake Miloch, South Lake Miloch, Watchtower Ruins West Lake Axewell, South Lake Miloch, North Lake Miloch, Dusty Bowl [Max Raid Battle]), menaing it's readily accessible and easy to use.

Seismitoad @ Leftovers / Life Orb
Ability: Poison Touch
- Liquidation
- Earthquake
- Drain Punch
- Ice Punch / Poison Jab

Hope I helped!

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Might also consider adding Lanturn to the list.  Volt Absorb provides the same defensive protection that Ground typing would.  Access to Surf/Scald, choice of Thunder, Thunderbolt, and Discharge.  Also access to Ice Beam for hitting Grass.  Even Dazzling Gleam, hitting Fighting and Dark hard, something the rest of the team lacks.  Kinda falls into the same pattern, though.  Huge health, mediocre everything else.
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All right. I won't include items in this, so you can pick your own.

SEIESMATOAD IS THE BEST OPTION! Even though you have a bunch of ground moves, it just wouldn't do to switch in Stache for EVERY SINGLE ELECTRIC POKEMON. Now, Seismetiod is the best water/ground you will even find tons of Tymepole. Also, for a plus, you can run rock slide or some good fighting move to counter freeze dry, which isn't very common, but it's nice to be able to cover ANYTHING that your opponent throws at you. For a plus, Seismatoad can be boosted by swift swim, so grass trainers(Milo) won't be a problem, when you throw sludge bomb or something into their faces.

Ability: Swift Swim
- Earthquake(electric counter; stab)
- Liquidation(good water stab)
- Poison Jab(a bit better then sludge bomb cause Seismetoad has better attack then special attack)
- Drain Punch(freeze fry coverage)

You can use Seaking as a replacement, if you can't snag Seismatoad or if you just simply don't want it. I know thunder rod is a hidden ability, but you should be able to do it(eventually). The reasons this guy is a replacement is: thunder Rod burns out the ability slot, and Seaking can't really counter grass types. Still, I have no idea why they forgot Poor Seaking, although I wouldn't recommend it.

Ability: Lightning Rod(without thunder rod, Seaking wouldn't be on this list!)
- Drill Run(electric counter)
- Megahorn(good staple bug move)
- Poison Jab(grass counter)
- Surf(100% accuracy water move(that's actually good))

"What about Gastrodon?" you say. Well, Gastrodon can counter Grass, which Seaking can't do, but it's stats are TRASH, which is a bummer. Seismetoad can at least dish out lost of damage when it's on the field. Gastrodon has good poison type moves, but poison type moves are generally special and with a good special attack, Gastrodon I'd good and all, but here's the thing: Gastrodon is so slow it'll get 0-hit-koed before it can do any damage. Seismetoad at least has a chance. Trust me, even SEAKING has better overall stats.

Ability: Storm Drain(extra immunities are nice)
- Ice Beam(grass counter)
- Earthquake(electric counter; stab)
- Brine(to finish off weakened opponents; stab)
- Scald(stab)

Lanturn is (kind of) good. It can counter grass types, all right, but it's so slow it gets koed before it can do lots of damage, plus a base special attack stat of, um... 76? Come on! At least Lapras gets stab! Lanturn is good and all, but it won't do for a water monotype team that well. There are more and better viable options. But if you must use it, go for a special attacker or a rain & thunder combo.

Ability: Volt Absorb(without volt absorb, Lanturn wouldn't be on this list!)
- Ice Beam(grass counter)
- Scald(stab; good chance to burn)
- Brine(finish off weakened opponents; stab)
- Discharge(Thunder replacement with a good paralysis chance)

Ability: Volt Absorb(without volt absorb, Lanturn wouldn't be on this list!)
- Ice Beam(grass counter)
- Thunder(combo with rain dance)
- Brine(finish off weakened opponents; stab)
- Rain Dance(combo with thunder)

Quagsire. Sighs. This guy is absolute TRASH, but technically, it's viable. Barely. You should go for a more even set, with a mix of special attacks and physicals attacks.

Ability: Water Absorb(an extra immunity is nice)
- Liquidation(strong stab physical water move)
- Earthquake(electric counter; stab)
- Ancient Power(freeze dry counter)
- Sludge Bomb(another grass counter)

Whishcash is um... fairy decent, I guess. Exactly the same as most of the others, this guys pretty bad, but it's a solid choice because it has a fairly decent movepool and it's just pretty good overall. Unfortunatly, it's stats are pretty bad, but it still scraped into a good spot in the list.

Ability: Anticipation(the best ability for this guy, in my opinion.)
- Ice Beam(good grass counter)
- Earthquake(electric counter; stab)
- Spark(no one will see this one coming!)
- Any good move(Whishcash doen't really need anything else, but it's good to have a backup move)

Best: Seismetoad
2nd best: Seaking
3rd best: Lanturn
3rd worst: Whishcash
2nd worst: Gastrodon
Worst: Quagsire

Note: If you can't get the exact movesets, then use a move of the same type that's at least decent.
Note: Whenever I say 'grass counter', I also mean coverage.

Hope this helps!

I'm pretty sure no important battles have Freeze-Dry users. Brine isn't really a good move, I'd suggest the 1st Lanturn set to have Thunder Wave or Dazzling Gleam instead, and Gastrodon should have Recover (move reminder). Spark on Whiscash and Ancient Power on Quagsire do less damage as a super-effective attack than STAB Earthquake.