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I chose scorbunny at the start which means I have no clue how to get past this guys sandaconda and flygon. I have drednaw but he keeps dying to their ground type moves. Are there any Pokemon near by that I can catch without having to train them too far?

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You can try grinding your Scorbunny until it's strong enough to solo everything. Level 60 or 70 should be good.
Is Scorbunny and Drednaw the only mons on your team? If so, then just grab some ice types from route 9 or something and you should be good.
An Ice type would destroy Flygon, and would handle Sandaconda nicely too

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Raihan sends out Flygon and Gigalith first so start with Drednaw and some other ice type like people say in the comments Drednaw should be faster than Gigalith so use a strong water move to take it out and use a ice type mon to take out Flygon. Flygon will be easy since for me it kept spamming breaking swipe, after that comes out Sandaconda and Duraludon. I reccomend you find and catch a Clobbopus and evolve it into Grapploct for Duraludon and dynamax it during the fight since Duraludon gigantamaxs. Then if drednaw is alive use it to deal with sandaconda if its not use the ice type cause you can have it take the steel moves from gmax Duraludon then try this. here's a strat. it may not work but try anyway

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Thanks :)
I beat it now!