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Soo I added some new low-leveled mons to my team and got destroyed by opal in my nuzlocke. Does this mean I lose or can I use the mons in my box?

There are no official Nuzlocke rules. You get to decide whether you use Pokemon from your boxes or restart the game.

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It's your Nuzlocke. You choose the way you play.

A common rule for Nuzlockes, though, is that if you white-out then you lose.

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oh, but can I start the nuzlocke over like delete my last save and make a new one?
Why couldn't you? Although resetting does seem to make losing your Pokemon pointless. Also, there is a Bulbapedia page on Nuzlockes, so maybe you could read that for clarification
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Then by traditional rules, those Pokemon are dead fam and you can't use them anymore.

However, if you want to keep things spicy then maybe you could play by aDrive's rules when he nuzlockes randomizers -- he gives each Pokemon 3 lives and keeps them active until all lives are gone and they're "officially dead".

That kinda helps make it easier.

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In the traditional rules,if you black/white out,you lose the nuzlocke and you have to restart.In my rules,I can use Pokemon left in the pc that are alive.If you don't have any more Pokemon in the pc that are alive,you lose and have to restart.