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I'm thinking about training Lucky, my Abra, but unfortunately, since I can't trade, I'll have a Kadabra forever if I choose to keep it, would Kadabra fit my team very well, seeing as how I'll have, in end evolutions if no one dies: Swampert(Water Ground), Breloom(Grass Fighting) Pelliper(Water Flying), Linoone, but it's probably gonna be replaced,. and Kadabra(It will, if on the team, definetly switch out for Fish Bait if he doesn't die first.)

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It would pretty much have to OHKO everything at later points in the game to avoid being OHKOd itself
Questions about Emulators aren’t allowed
Maybe edit the emulator part of it
That is true, it doesn't have very high HP.... also, this isn't about an emulator, it's about a nuzlocke, the point is I can't trade, that's the only reason I mentioned that it was on an emulator.
I guess you shouldn’t mention it just remove that part mentioning the emulator

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Short Answer: I would not recommend it.

Long Answer: Kadabra is way to frail to use for a Nuzlocke. If you don't OHKO the opponent, your screwed. In addition, there much better Psychic Types to use (If you find them) like Gardevoir, Starmie, Grumpig and even Lunatone. All of these can dish out good damage and take a couple hits in return. Because of this, don't use Kadabra because it is way to frail and is outclassed by other Psychic Types.

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Awesome, unfortunately Gardevoir's out, as I didn't catch a Ralts, but those others should be good.
Staryu's probably gonna be hard/Rare to get, as it can only be found in one place, with the Super Rod, and Wailmer's a more common find. However, Spoink I think I could manage, and definetly Lunatone, as it's the only encounter I could get, since I have a Zubat. So overall, I think I'll use Kadabra once to help with Brawly, and then not use him.
Staryu is very easy to find if you use species clause.
Thanks, I realized that earlier. I'll probably either get it or a Grumpig.
Is it bad that Ralts has a lower BST than a Starter and Baby Pokémon?