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I know it's an odd comparison, but I'm doing a challenge run for Sapphire that restricts me to only being able to use these two Pokemon as my special attackers, and as I can't trade to get Alakazam, I'll be stuck with using Kadabra. I know that Raichu is inferior to other Electric types in Hoenn such as Magneton and Manectric, but as I'm unable to use those two, should I be using the weak and frail Kadabra, or the somewhat bulker, but much less powerful Raichu?

eh true but super effective damage is beneficial for playthroughs
Why is weaker super effective damage better than stronger neutral damage?
How is super effective damage more beneficial than higher base power and STAB in this situation?
Psychic with STAB is effectively 135 Base Power, while a super effective Shock Wave is 120. The only situation where you'd wanna use Shock Wave is when the opponent is 4x weak to Electric.
your are correct, my bad for the miscalculation

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Kadabra is probably better although its frail and its mid-stage it has solid speed and great special attack with access to Calm Mind to back up its frail stats, its one of the best mid-stage Pokemon in the game ontop of that there are better Electric type options such as Manetric which is fount earlier than Raichu which can be fount as a Pickachu in the Safari Zone or Magneton with good typing, access to some good utility and is also a great special attacker. Hopefully, this helps :D

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Kadabra is better. It is found way earlier than raichu, and can learn a better range of moves. Raichu having slightly more bulk doesn't outweigh kadabra's superiority in power.