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They are very looks alike in terms of movepool, statistics, roles and even type. Guess the feel differences will be between their statistics, but even then, are very feel. Guess in this one you can choose based in opinion instead of facts.

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I wouldn't choose either. I would rather have an ampharos due to its surperior stats (overall stat is 510), and has more flexibility with movesets. Pickup an ice punch at goldenrod city's large convenient store for ground coverage.

-Thunderbolt or Thunder Punch
-Ice Punch
-Light Screen
-Thunder Wave

Hope this helps!

Ampharos isn't obtainable in Crystal. The best electric Pokemon in Crystal is Chinchou.
Yeah i know, but i wanted to use the two electric types that come out of the odd egg, going for a shiny ;)

PLUS it aint in crystal
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They have extremely similar stats, but Electabuzz has a higher special attack and speed and slightly more defenses. Their movepools are also similar, but Electabuzz can learn Psychic, Fire Punch, and Ice Punch by TM, while Raichu cannot. They can both learn 2 HMs, Strength and Flash. However, neither can be obtained until after you beat the Elite 4 and get access to the rest of Kanto. If you want an Electric-type for the Johto storyline, you can get Magnemite on Routes 38 and 39, Voltorb by trading a Krabby in Olivine City, Chinchou by fishing with a Good Rod in the Olivine City Harbor, and Jolteon by evolving Eevee. If you want to wait until Kanto to get an Electric-type or if you manage to get an Electabuzz or Pikachu before the Elite 4, then Electabuzz has a better movepool and stats.

No mention of Mareep? It's better than every Pokemon you did mention.
Bulbapedia says you can't get Mareep in Crystal.
Oh that's right.