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Please, I need help. I don't like frail Pokemon, but Raichu and Electabuzz is a choice to make. I'm playing FireRed.

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If you haven't started playing yet, use whichever you can catch earliest. If you've already started playing, use whichever one you can catch now at the highest level.
Pikachu can be caught pretty early in-game while Electabuzz is farther in the Power plant.

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I would recommend Raichu. Both Pokemon are similar in stats with high Speed and Sp. Attack and move sets, but Raichu has Surf. You can teach it that as a Pikachu and it’s a powerful coverage move that Electrabuzz doesn’t have the ability to learn. Plus as Poke Guy Fieri commented, you can catch it early in the game.

Raichu doesn't learn Surf in Generation 3
I did look this up, and according to Pokebase, it can if you teach it Surf as a Pikachu.
Not in Gen 3, unless you have an event, which is impossible to get without hacking right now. :P