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I need an Electric-type, and I can't decide between them. I am leaning toward Raichu because I like it, but I know it isn't as good as the others.

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You asked almost an identical question some time back. Was the answer not satisfactory?
To sum it all up, if you have access to trading, Electivire is the best out of the three. It's got the great offensive stats of Luxray, but unlike Luxray, it isn't hindered by low speed or access to nearly no coverage. Magnezone and Electivire are probably your best bet for Electric types in BDSP, or you could just teach a strong Special Attacker Thunderbolt.

Pachirisu is probably the best out of all accessible Electric types though, nothing can compare in its might.
The answer was great. With the Pokémon HOME event giving me access to all the starters to use on my playthrough, I reevaluated my planned team. Then I got my own copy instead of borrowing my friends, so could trade with him, so Electivire became an option. So therefore, I needed to ask this question to add Electivire to the equation.
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Raichu is the fastest and has decent coverage with Surf and Dig. Electivire is semi-fast and has the best coverage. Luxray has the best Defense, though it's not that great.

I'd say Raichu because the other ones are not that great in bulk, and Raichu is the fastest so it will hit first more often.

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I already decided Raichu, but thanks for the answer!