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Which is a better electric type?

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This isn't really a good question. This can be very opinion.
I've reshown this because I think it's fine. The Pokemon are similar and it's not purely opinion, you can answer which Pokemon have strengths and weaknesses.
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If you want to cripple potential sweeper, Luxray's intimidate will serve your purpose. Electivirehas good old Motor Drive, which means if you can predict a Thunderbolt incoming from Gengar, you can switch Electivire into it, and snag a free +1 Speed boost, and then fire off a Psychic, Wild Charge, Fire Punch, and so on. Amphiros's stats have never appealed to me so I've never used one. hope that helps.

Personally, i'd Choice Scarf and Electivire and try to switch into an Electric attack, so with a +1 Speed and the boost from CS, you're gonna outrun most everything, and if you choice a good neutral coverage move, you can take a good chunk out of stuff before you go down.
Thanks! I'm thinking i'll go with electivire.
Wrong spelling of Ampharos, oh and btw, I have an Ampharos on my team. For me ( so u could say this is opinionated ) he works as a great sp.atk sweeper. Maybe you're looking for atk. sweepers, but I do like electivire. I also had a luxray, but it got replaced by Ampharos. Personally it depends if you want a physical or special sweeper. And I'm one of those people that like sp. sweepers.
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Luxray and Electrivire should both run Physical sets since they have better Attack stats and better physical movepools. Ampharos should rarely be used though it has a monstrous Special Attack stat. (at 115, high in NU metagame standards) However, this will depend on what you are looking for, a physical or special tank. If you ask me, since I'm inclined to Physical, I'd go with Luxray. Luxray has Intimidate, which could be used as a cripple-sweeper. Electrivire is best used during Double battles. It can absorb a nice Discharge and speed up while it's ally Discharges the enemy to death. Note that if the opponent is a Ground-type, Electrivire will easily be able to cover that weakness. Ampharos is my favorite Electric special-sweeper from the NU, with a gigantic Special movepool in NU standards like Focus Blast, Signal Beam, Power Gem, Thunder, Thunderbolt etc. it has a good niche (in my opinion) in my NU team.

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go with luxray

Thunderbolt-since yours has SP ATK EVs

volt switch -stab and good if you want to switch Pokemon

ice fang-cover ground weakness

thunder wave//return-wave if you want to slow down enemies, , return if you don't want to electric moves

Luxray has a way higher base Atk than base SAtk. Thunderbolt and Volt Switch are both Special moves and thus their power is calculated by a SAtk check. Having a high Atk does no good if you don't run a Physical moveset. Volt Switch is a great move, but something lime Jolteon can make much better use of it.

a Luxray i would use

Luxray @ Life Orb
Trait: Intimidate
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 HP
- Wild Charge
- Crunch
- Ice Fang
- Protect

it just has better coverage and hits harder.
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Talking stat wise, ofcourse Electivire wins with 540 again 510 and 523 (being ampharos and luxray respectively).
But if you want a pyshical sweeper, Electivire would have been good if it's defense wasn't trash, and therefore Luxray would be better.

Electric Terrian: Set up 50%+ Power for Electric moves.
Thunder Wave: Paralysis, Speed drop.
Wild Charge: Pyshical strong move, only little recoil damage.
Crunch: Good Coverage and Strong pyshical move to screw Psychic and Ghost Pokemon.