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In Pokemon X Y please


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Luxray vs Ampharos

Since this isn't for competitive, I suggest you going with any one, depending on the stats and your team.

  • Luxray and Ampharos evolutions are at 15 and 30, Ampharos gets a Mega and Luxray doesn't.
  • Luxray is more physical sweeper while Ampharos is more a Special Attacker and Special Defensive.
  • Luxray has better stats for attacking but Ampharos has better for defensive.
  • Luxray as better speed but is speed isn't so great enough..
  • Both have same type and weaks.

Now depending on your team, physical sweeper go with Luxray and if you need a special attacker and a great special defensive go with Ampharos.
Both have great moves such as (physicals) - Wild Charge, Crunch, Elemental Fangs. and (specials) - Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Signal Beam, Power Geam.

Hope this helps.

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Power gem .
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Luxray vs Ampharos

Luxray Pros :
Good Attack
Good Speed
Intimate to cripple phyical sweepers - HA is good with a status condition
Elemental Bites for Coverage
Looks cooler (in my opinion)

Cons :
A little on the fragile side compared to Ampharos
Not the most diverse moveset in the world

Ampharos Pros :

Awesome Sp.A
Pretty bulky
Diverse Moveset
Static for a chance to paralyze

Ampharos Cons :

Bad Speed
HA is meh
(Doesn't look as cool as Luxray)


They both have their own roles on a team.
Luxray is a Phyical Attacker whilst Ampharos is a Sp.A
Both Static and Intimidate can be used to a good cause.
Luxrays HA also Guts can be useful with Status moves.
However Ampharos HA is a little unimpressive

Luxray as Phyical and Ampharos as Sp.A depending in what you need

enter image description here enter image description here

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