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I'm thinking about doing a solo run using either Ampharos or Jolteon, but I'm having difficulty deciding which one to use, any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Note: I'm not going to be using Mega Ampharos.

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Do you want the strongest or most challenging to use
The strongest.

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Ok, so this is partly up to you to decide who is the strongest, they both have lots of special attack and average special defence. Ampharos is slower but has more defence than Jolteon. So if you want fast and hits hard, Jolteon, slow but still hits hard and more defencive, Ampharos. In my opinion I would go for Jolteon. Also you get Eevee earlier so I say your best bet is Jolteon.

Edit: Also Ampharos has more coverage. Also also I just remembered you will probably just trade away your starter for the Pokemon so it probably doesn't matter that you get Eevee first.

Hope I helped,

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I will give the pros and cons of both.

Ampharos pros.

  • Great special attack.

  • Good bulk in 90/85/90

  • Really wide movepool

Ampharos cons.

  • Absolutely horrible speed

  • It's harder to get.

Jolteon pros.

  • Great speed.

  • Good special attack.

  • Eevee is easier to get.

Jolteon cons.

  • His bulk is pretty bad.

  • His movepool isn't the best.

  • Any faster Pokemon will probably OHKO.


I ,personally, would go for Jolteon but as it is a solo run you can choose your personal favourite.

Hope I helped!

Jolteon is usually my hit n run pokemon, takes them out before they can strike back. Ampharos is more of a general purpose role, with a more rounded build.
All in all, for a solo run, I would recommend jolteon.
I usually like using Jolteon for Volt Switch, because, a) it has great speed and Sp Atk stat. And b) it almost always OHKO any flying or water types, so I agree with your choice
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I would recommend Jolteon, as it is a fast Pokemon, and will probably hit first. Though ampharos has good defense, Jolteon will probably finish the job off first thanks to its speed.

Really, it all depends whether you prefer to have and offensive or defensive strategy.
Hope this helped :D

Why do all people like speedy atkers? I know Jolteon can be sp.atker but you don't need speed to win everything , there are moves called PRIORITY MOVES that can beat Jolteon of not a sturdy defense as Ampharos does, Ampharos can hit like a boss but also has good defenses so Ampharos can last a pretty long battle. Plus it has lots of potential to OHKO most Pokemon except ground types.Note this is opinionated.
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