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Pros, Cons and a verdict.


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Depends what you want

Mega Manectric pros

  • Good typing
  • Fast and strong
  • Good ability in Static and Lightningrod in normal Manectric and intimidate in M-Manectric

M-Manectric cons

  • Shallow movepool in Overheat, Flamethrower, Volt switch,Thunderbolt and hiddenpower
  • Bad bulk in 70/80/80

M-Ampharos pros

  • Sky high special attack
  • Good movepool
  • Good bulk in 90/105/110

M-Ampharos cons

  • Bad speed
  • More Weaknesses

All in all,I suggest M-Manectric but both can work if you want a sturdier one go for M-Ampharos but if your all about fast and furious then M-Manectric is for you.

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good answer, but I have another con for M-Ampharos - it has more weaknesses (4, to be exact), whereas M-Manectric is only weak to Ground. With its extra bulk the weaknesses aren't such a big deal for Ampharos, but it is worth mentioning.
i already have an amphy so ill train a manectric!
Fire, Electric, and Hidden Power Ice is all Manectric needs to do work
This is my opinion that I'll choose Ampharos because good move pool + more survival chances + great sp. atk + good defenses = a ready to tank and sweep some teams like my amphy does . ( My main electric sweeper )