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This is gonna sound super dumb, but I'm playing through Omega Ruby with a team of only Electrikes, and Manectric when they evolve.
Team Magma is going to annihilate me though. What to do against Numels? I have an electrike I found with Dexnav that knows ice fang, but Numel is going to be a nightmare.

that sounds like  a pretty cool idea. right now on my save file im trying to beat the game with one pokemon and I picked a treecko named saitama.

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Out power them
Manectric is sorta screwed against Numels and Camerupts as it learns nothing to cover them. Your best bet is to grind them to fairly high levels and hit them with high BP neutral moves. Bite is the best move for this via Level Up, But you could luck out and find one with Crunch via Dexnav, Secret Power is also good. Once you get to Fortree You can get the Tm Hidden Power. Hidden Power Water/Ground would be ideal but youd have to be Very lucky.

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Got it, thanks!