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I only have 6 more pokemon left to get till I finish my national dex, and electrike is one of them. (the other 5 are plusle minun whismur latios and manectrike) I seriously need help with this. (and if you can tell me where plusle and minun are that'd be greatly appreciated. =3) please help.

So you already have Arceus and Celebi and Jirachi? Did you hack those?
I got Arceus and Jirachi through fair game myself. Celebi on the other hand I have no idea when I can get it.
Well I got the arceus frm my buddeh aiden and the jirachi and celebi frm my friend tiffany. However, I'm not sure how they got them...

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You can use the pokéradar at Valley Windworks to find electrike. For plusle and minun, you have to talk to the manager in trophy garden, the first door to the right, until he says he saw a minun or plusle in the garden

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use the pokeradar in the valley windworks to find electrike rophy garden for plusle and minun and breed loudred which are found at the highest point on the snowy part of mount corenet

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On the road to sunny shore there is a patch of grass it has Electabuzzes catch 1 or 2 if 1 catch a ditto if 2 find different genders

It will hatch Elekid, not Electrike...