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My Mega Camerupt always gets OHKO'd by Water type attacks, and even Dig!
No legendaries.

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Having a storm drain Pokemon can draw water type attacks away from him.
Strom drain draws all water type moves to the Pokemon with the ability and raises its special attack bye +1 for every time hit.
Gastrodon and Cradily have great buk to tank other hits and could help your team.

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May I just add that Storm Drain does not redirect Surf, which is really common in doubles & triples.

Other options include:
- Wide guard (protects from multi-hit moves)
- Quick guard (protects from priority moves)

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If you're playing ranked triples, then you can't use this strategy
But try pairing up Camerupt with Primal Groudon
Fire Blast + Mega Camerupt's Sheer Force + STAB + Sun = 321.5 Power Fire Blast, which is a little higher than explosion, the only downside is that it can miss, Eruption is also great but it doesn't get the Sheer Force Buff