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I want to have a poke switch out using u-turn/volt switch into my pure-power medicham then have it mega and get it back, I then want the skill swapper to put it on a slaking or something similar, any ideas on who should do the skill swapping?


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I would recommend Lugia (Def: 130, SpD: 154, HP: 106) or Diancie (Def: 150, SpD: 150, HP: 50): if you want a non legendary or event Pokémon, then use Carbink (Def: 150, SpD: 150, HP: 50) or Dusknoir/Dusclops (Def: 135/130 SpD:
135/130, HP: 45/40)
Hope I helped!

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Thank you, this is very helpful
Doesn't matter anymore though because they removed triple battles so yeah...