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So, if in a triple battle, I send out forrtress, bronzong, and shedinja. bronzong (heatproof ability) uses skill-swap on forrtress, who then has no weakness, bronzong gets sturdy. fortress sets up spikes/stealth rock, shedinja uses swords dance/hone claws. next turn bronzong uses skill-swap on shedinja, and slaking switches in place of fortress. shedinja has sturdy (can only be killed by recoil or status) bronzong uses skill-swap on slaking, slaking becomes a murdering beast, and then bronzong uses explosion.

wonder guard can be skill swapped away in gen 6, ive seen it
would it work? or do you think my opponent would catch on too quickly and kill the bronzong?
and would it work better with an eviolite beldum?

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I think that would work
This wouldn't work anyway because it takes too long for being achieved, plus the massive Lava Plume Weakness.
Could you be more exact in your description? There are namely a few inconsistencies that make it difficult to follow most notably a random Beldum in turn one and the lack of other Pokemons moves in all turns.

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You my friend are wrong

I just tested it and wonder guard still cannot be skill swapped

Here is a showdown replay demonstrating that wonder guard cannot be skill swapped. I did this one on double battles as showdown doesn't have triple battles but the effect of skill swap and wonder guard will be the same in triples: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogondoubles-102762625

However there is a way to spread wonder guard to other Pokemon

I am merely getting this info from another thread I read. This article can be found here

This abuses the move entertainment.

Gimmicks are a lot of fun to use so I thought I'd share one of the sneaky strategies I have been testing. Some people may have seen it already but it is possible to spread Wonder Guard to allies. While you can't acquire Wonder Guard with Role Play or Skill Swap, you can do so using Entrainment. It does require some set up but I have had a fair amount of success using it even against competent teams. The 3 core Pokemon I used are:

enter image description hereSableye @ Eject Button

enter image description hereAudino @ Mental Herb

enter image description hereShedinja @ Focus Sash
Steps are as follows:

1) Fake Out + Trick Room
2) Switch out Sableye for Shedinja and Protect with Audino (skip this step if Sableye kicked out with Eject Button).
3) Use Entrainment with Audino and Mimic it with Shedinja (make sure Audino moves before Shedinja in Trick Room)
4) Shedinja can now spread Wonder Guard with Entrainment.
5) If you give Audino Wonder Guard he can now start spreading it to Pokemon with no weaknesses like Sableye.
Sand, Hail, double target SE moves and status can OHKO Shedinja before passing Wonder Guard.
Taunt, Fake Out, Follow Me and Rage Powder.

I really do hope that I helped you and gave you the exact info you needed, or that other people who saw this thread want. Have a good day (or night)!

I thought I would mention that showdown is in beta, and I saw thins in an X/Y battle vid so...
I do like your strat tho, thx