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OK. Say you have a Slaking with traunt. It then uses rest. When it uses rest and then sleep talk, would traunt still interfere? By this I mean when I use sleep talk, would traunt still activate, or would I be able to sleep talk giga impacts and brick breaks and whatnot?


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No it wouldn't work.
>Each time the wielder is sent out, it will not be able to attack on every other turn, starting with the second. Moves that take a turn to recharge, such as Hyper Beam, will use its recharge turn while the user is "loafing around.

Traunt cancels out your second move, regardless of what you use. Traunt will always be active, unless the ability is changed.
Need more proof?
You can watch this showdown replay here
From Turn 3 Slaking will rest, and attempt to sleep talk, only to loaf around like the lazy bum it is :I

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No, it wouldn't
Traunt works regardless. No matter what move is used, traunt will activate on the second turn.

However, I can think of a couple of ways that you could get rid of traunt altogether, but would only work in double or triple battles.
Here they are:

1. You sent out Slaking and Cofagrigas

Slaking used pursuit on Cofagrigas

Then Slakings ability will change to muumy, thus getting rid of traunt!

2. You send out Slaking and Anyone who can use Worry Seed

(pokemon) used Worry Seed on Slaking

And Slakings ability will be changed.

Hope this helped!