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It is pretty simple, and I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but here goes...

  1. Start the fight with a Pokemon with the ability Mummy (ex. Cofagrigus)
  2. Have Mummy pass on to the opponent.
  3. Once Cofagrigus faints (or you swithch to Slaking), Mummy passes on. >

My main question is, does Mummy get rid of you normal ability and replace it with Mummy, or does Mummy become a second ability like Air Balloon does?


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Yes that strategy works it was come up by someone months ago I think it was trachy or maybe DT I am not sure. Anyway this works but your opponent would have to hit you with a physical contact move. I think this strategy is better preformed in double battle where you can just have Slaking hit Cofargius(be sure to max out def and Hp to take minimal damage).

Actually, a Youtube trainer has come with this up, his name's TheFlamingSpade, an awesome Trainer, if I may add.