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I have a few questions (here we go):

  • I know that sleep resets the turn counter for Truant, so Slaking would be able to attack the turn he wakes up. Suppose that you are in a triple (or even double if your opponent played along) battle with Slaking, a pokémon that knows a sleep-inducing move (Spore, Hypnosis, etc.), and a pokémon with a move to heal or remove an ally's sleep status (such as Heal Bell, Psycho Shift, Uproar, etc.). If Slaking moves first, then the second pokémon puts him to sleep, and then the third pokémon wakes him up during the same turn, would Slaking be able to move on the next (second) turn?

  • How do Uproar, Encore, and Instruct work with Truant?
    - If Slaking used Uproar on turn 1, would he still be bound to Uproar on turn 3?
    - If Encore was used on Slaking on turn 1 (assuming that Slaking moved first) or if Encore was used on Slaking while he was under the effect of Truant (i.e. on turn 2), would he be forced to use the same move he used during turn 1?
    - If Instruct was used on Slaking during the turn that he was loafing around (assuming that Slaking made a move the first turn and Slaking moves first (i.e. Slaking was loafing around and then Instruct was used on him during the same turn)), what would happen?
    - If Instruct was used on Slaking during the turn that he was loafing around (assuming that Slaking made a move the first turn but Slaking moves second (i.e. Instruct was used on Slaking before he was loafing around)), what would happen?

Feel free to ask if you don't understand what all of the questions are asking.


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For your first question, Slaking will not be able to move on the second turn since Truant alternates. Lets say Slaking was sleeping on the first turn, but no one woke it up that same turn. The ability Truant doesn't really effect the way Slaking moves since there's a chance of it not waking up anyways, and even if it does, it won't be able to move because of Truant. Therefore both cases will result in it not moving the second turn.

For Instruct, it acts as a separate condition that turn. For example, lets say your doing 2v2, starting off with Slaking and Oranguru. Slaking and Oranguru both attack the first turn. Since slaking is faster, when the second turn comes around Slaking will loaf around for his turn, but when Oranguru follows up with Instruct, Slaking will use its previous move. With this strategy, Slaking will be able to attack every turn, but will need to use the same move. But, if Slaking moves after Oranguru's Instruct, Instruct will trigger the Truant ability, then Slaking can move afterwards. This strategy allows Slaking to attack every turn, and use any move in it's move slot.

For Uproar, the move will stay in play, unless the move fails by not being able to execute. Therefore, Slaking with Uproar on its own will execute it the first turn, but have it fail on the second turn, therefore only allowing Slaking to attack every other turn. But, if you use the Slaking/Oranguru Instruct strategy, you can use Uproar every turn.

For encore, Slaking will attack according to Truant.

I've tested these on Pokemon Showdown, and it does indeed work according to your rules

Hope I helped! :)

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