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Durant's DW ability is truant and Slaking's is also truant. If it's like that then how can you make good use of it?

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It can maybe save PP.
I have Durant with truant use entrainment and then switch to Gothitelle with shadow tag, protect, 2 stat raising moves (Cosmic power, calm mind) and stored power. The opponent can't escape and you can use protect when the opponent attacks and raise your stats when truant activates, then when your stats are maxed, use stored power to one shot them. This technique works on almost any pokemon, but you would have to sacrifice a move for miracle eye if the opponent has a dark type, otherwise, this will not work.
literally every other answer here talks about entrainment durant

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Slaking with truant is useless, but in other hand a Durant with truant can be very helpful, because he can learn entretainment, making the opposing pokemon get truant, it can be a good sweep breaker if you give durant a choice scarf, plus if you make the opposing pokemon with truant unable to escape, (maybe with a dugtrio or something :b) you can setup for a good sweep (alternating protect and a stat booster)

Note:The page of the move says that It does not work on Pokemon with the abilities Truant, Multitype or Zen Mode, that means you can't use the move with pokemon like that, but you can use your own truant to pass it.

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No, it can't.  It says here: http://pokemondb.net/move/entrainment that it doesn't work with truant.
Dude that is wrong !!
No it says that Truant can not be removed with Entrainment, but it can share it with another.
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Yes , your question is understood and yea its totally useless unless it is a double battle in which case you could skill swap truant then swap again to the opponent .

Other than that truant is just a disadvantage to the user itself so is a waste getting it .

P.S.* Truant reads-TRUE ANT , don't think its a coincidence .
how  is this voted up? durant as entretainment so he can pass it to opponent on single battles
AND truant cannot be removed so ur answer is completely wrong
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Truant on slaking can actually be nice if you use moves like hyper beam and giga impact.
And durant has the move entretainment.
So truant doent need to be a useless ability

It is actually terrible to use giga impact with a slaking because it wastes 3 turns instead of 2. Ex- slaking uses giga impact. Truant turn. Recharges. Truant turn. Attacks.
No it doesn't. Slaking is one of the few instances where it is good since he slacks off on the same turn he has to recharge.
The thing about hyper beam and giga impact is that it prevents Slaking from switching on the following turn, which it can do if it used a different move like double-edge or return.
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DuraTrio. (Durant and Dugtrio)

use durant with truant and entrainment, then switch out for dugtrio with arena trap, hone claws and protect. the turn the opponent can attack you use protect. it is unable to switch due to arena trap. use hone claws until your stats are maximizaed. thatn sweep all the oponents with 120 base speed. You Just Won. however, a Pokemon with shadow tag is even better instead of dugtrio since shadow tag only don't have effect on ghost-types, while arena trap doesn't affect ANY raised Pokemon, and also flying types are even more common that ghost types.