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Nope, no reason at all! Just Game Freak crapping on another Bug-type who has potential (i.e. Bug/Flying spam, Masquerain's weak stats, constant x4 weaknesses).

I think they just thought of giving Truant as a dream world ability was to be a little joke. It's no big deal though, since Aianto's other abilities are pretty fair!

The biggest disappointment was Make Friends doesn't work with Truant.
Th biggest disappointment was the inclusion of Truant in the first place.
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The reason for it having Truant is because, although it can not be removed by Entrainment you can give the opponent Truant with it. Here is a good set for it.

Item: Focus-sash
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Truant
EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Attack, 6 Hp


Entrainment DOES work with Truant and is the devastating part of this set. Iron-head is for STAB, and Flinch. X-scissor is STAB. Stone-edge is coverage and T-wave is for if you really want to be annoying.

But beware this is so annoying that people may get angry if you use this on them.

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You can only have 4 HP EVs I'm afraid. Nice set though, I'd use it if I had the time to IV breed and stuff
What's the purpose of having Entrainment on a Durant with Truant. Entrainment doesn't work when the Entrainment user has the ability Truant?
Yes it does. Entrainment only fails if the target's ability is Truant. If the user has Truant it's fair game. I have played against this strategy many times before -- it's usually paired with something like Arena Trap Dugtrio that can set up on each turn the enemy does nothing.
Sorry if this is picky @extremeevoboost but 6 HP EVs are technically possible since two sets of 252 only use 504/510 EVs. But the two extra points do nothing, at least as level 100.