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I was thinking about running choice scarf on a truant Durant with entrainment, and have a Dugtrio with arena trap. And I was wondering if choice scarf affected switches.
Normally the faster Pokemon switches out first, but what if a slightly slower Pokemon with a choice scarf tries to switch out? Will the scarfed mon switch out first or the non-scarfed mon?

I was wondering because if my Durant uses entrainment on a fast Pokemon such as Greninja or Gengar, they will get Truant, and most likely switch out. But I want to switch into my Dugtrio before they can switch out and trap them.


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Choice scarf by itself does affect who Switches out first and who doesn't. However do remember, this will not affect your strategy in any way. Read below c;

However do note another thing. Abilities that trap the opponent DO NOT WORK if your opponent switches out on the same turn as you switched in. I trialled it and even though Dugtrio switched in BEFORE Bisharp switched out, Bisharp was still able to get out.
Replay of Scarf Durant and slower Pokemon being able to switch out anyway.
Non scarf Durant

I just made sure about this by running a quick check with Magnet Pull Magnezone against Bisharp. See replay here

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A reason why is that for example if you start to sweep with something like Poison Jab. Now when the Pokemon fainted it comes and steel type. And what happens with Poison Jab? Yes it can't damage the steel type as steel is immune against poison.
And with that truant thing it isn't really safe as you could see for an example whirlwind Skarmory and Roar Swampert. But I've never used choice scarf to an Truant Entertainment before now that I prefer Eject Button or Focus Sash. Also flying types and levitate totally wrecks this strategy. Even a magnet rise magnezone would use the chance when you are about to use protect. So to answer your question. Yes you can switch out after choice scarf is used.