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The Scenario: My Jirachi has an Air Balloon, and someone sends in a Dugtrio with Arena Trap. I have an Air Balloon so Arena Trap doesn't affect Jirachi as he isn't touching the ground. But wait! The opposing Dugtrio uses Pursuit, which would hit before I switch out, breaking my Balloon. Now that my Balloon is broken, will I still switch out, or will Arena Trap catch Jirachi and stop him from switching?

The same applies for other pokemon, I just used Jirachi as an example.
As logic would state, you probably wouldn't be able to switch as you are stopped by arena trapped, The same applies to Taunt, If taunt makes its effect before the non attack move, the move is cancelled. I presume the same applies to This scenario but as I don't know, it stays as a comment.

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According to Bulbapedia
> Likewise, if a Pokémon normally immune to Ground-type attacks is made vulnerable, they will be affected; if the Pokémon is under the effect of Gravity, Smack Down, a move that negates Levitate (such as Gastro Acid or Simple Beam), type change effects that remove Flying-type (such as Soak, Conversion, Camouflage, or Color Change), or a held Iron Ball, it will be unable to escape.

So theoretically your situation comes under this subject.

Though when we took it to battle this is what happened.
>The foe's Dugtrio used Pursuit!
Jirachi lost 16% of its health!
Jirachi's Air Balloon popped!
Jirachi, come back!
Go! Alakazam!

Now this may have happened because maybe Showdown is not yet programmed for this situation.
Credit to Derpalot and Flare

So as of yet I do not know the true answer, this is why I am going to try and take this up with some researchers at Smogon who can find the final answer.

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I will try and get the Smogon info in the next week. If you want to find out yourself point it out on this thread > http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3469932
Otherwise you can get in touch with any Smogon user with the research badge guess.
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Battle between Derpalot and FlarezDB started!
Derpalot sent out Jirachi!
Go! Dugtrio!
The foe's Jirachi floats in the air with its Air Balloon!

Turn 1

Dugtrio used Pursuit!
The foe's Jirachi lost 16% of its health!
The foe's Jirachi's Air Balloon popped!
Derpalot withdrew Jirachi!
Derpalot sent out Alakazam!

So on Showdown, it seems to work. Derp can switch to Alakazam safely.

But...on this link, Bulbapedia says you can't. This maybe both faults, Showdown Bugs or bad info from Bulbapedia. It can be either one. But due to

I imagine showdown would not account to such a situation as specific as this.