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I read about the Durant and Dugtrio strategy and I don't like how there is no possible way for it to increase its speed. So I was thinking could it work if I used a Shadow Tag Gothitelle in place of Dugtrio and used the same Protect strategy waiting for Durant to be knocked out.
Then I send in a Gyarados spamming Protect and Dragon Dance; which Gothitelle copies using Psych Up.
After sufficient boosts, they both take the offense and proceed to sweep.

Would this work?
Can it be improved?
is there another Pokemon I can use for this?

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Its a double Battle and the person who posted it left a vidio here: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou-43303346

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This strategy has one flaw.

Let's see the sequence of events:

  • Durant and Gothitelle are on the field.
  • Durant entrains Truant onto one of the opponent's Pokemon.
  • Durant dies to an attack, and Gyarados comes in.

The rest goes as you have said. However, this means the other Pokemon is free to do as it pleases, as it sn't Truant bound. This can prove very difficult to control.
Often both Pokemon play an active role in doubles, so just Truanting one is usually not enough. Phazers and Hazers like Skarmory and Amoonguss can completely demolish your set ups, which could even cost you the game.

Hope I helped!

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