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Here is the tier LC Doubles

Eevee @ Adaptability
Choice specs, shadow ball

Pumpkaboo @ frisk
Choice scarf, Trick-or-Treat

Here is what I wanted to do pumkaboo would use Trick-or-Treat on Eevee gaining it the ghost typing making shadow ball 2x damage. Then Pumkaboo would use Trick-or-Treat on the opponent making shadow ball super effective.

I know that this has some major flaws like facing an normal type, Pumkaboo being kinda really slow to have it be bulky to last long, and Eevee having lower sp. atk and rather use Hyper Voice over shadow ball. I just want to know if it could work


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First, I'm not sure if LC Doubles is a thing. Second, it might sound good on paper, but in practice I don't think it'll work. Pumpkaboo being Scarfed into Trick-or-Treat is pretty bad. So you give your opponent a Ghost type, and what does Pumpkaboo do after that?
Also, there's no guarantee Pumpkaboo will live long enough to give Ghost typing to two Pokemon, as one strong Knock Off will basically destroy it.
Here's a LC Singles strategy you might want to try:

Pumpkaboo-Super @ Life Orb
Ability: Frisk
Adamant Nature
EVs: 236 HP / 236 Def / 36 Atk
-Shadow Sneak
-Seed Bomb
-Leech Seed