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In a Double Battle, a teammate uses Follow Me and then the other teammate uses Nasty Plot, the Follow Me user uses Recover/Roost when on low HP, and then the Nasty Plot user sweeps. Does it work?

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What kind of doubles? VGC, OU, or something else?
It is a quite good strategy. You can pair for example a Follow Me Blastoise with a Dragon Dance Dragapult and you are good to go

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Yes, that strategy will be quite effective, although the two together will not do any damage. If paired up with a strong move like Sucker Punch, however, you can get an impressive result!

I send my warnings, though - if you have an easy double battle against Team Yell, for instance, you don’t need to waste those moves on them. They can instead be defeated by a few strategic move combinations.

Hope this helped :)

Team Yell fights are in-game, correct? This asks for competitive.
Sucker Punch is a physical move, and Nasty Plot powers up Sp. Atk