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So I just thought of this after thinking about regigigas and I want some thoughts on it. What is wrong or can be improved, if you like it, or if you think I'm a horrible monster who feeds on victory and the tears of those I leave in pieces.

So you need Audino with at LEAST Role play and Entertainment, a Mega-Mawile, and Regigigas. First turn, Mega evolve Mawile, make it use Protect, Audino uses Role Play on it. Second Turn: if Audino was untouched good job, if it fainted, the strategy is ruined. Switch Mawile for Regigigas, and Audino uses Entertainment on the Regigigas as it comes in. Now behold the power of HUGE POWER REGIGIGAS. If that fails use the extra slots for other powerful Pokemon.

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Why? It takes a long time to pull off. If the strategy is interrupted, it's ruined. Once Regigigas and Audino are on the field, it becomes fairly obvious what's gonna happen. Next, Mawile would take up a perfectly good mega slot. And even if you wanted to use Mega Mawile, the opponent could use the next turn to destroy Regigigas completely. Therefore, this strategy is a failure. Sorry to break your dreams bud.

Mawile is considered one of the best megas. I doubt that's a problem .-.
Hm, the only way i can make this better is if i use azumarill instead of  mawile, and focus sash on audino, but then it still has flaws i cant see