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first get up trick room

then get a fast Pokemon to use follow me, so shuckle can safely use power trick. in trick room, he will move first. then spam earthquake. you could also have gravity, as most Pokemon that learn trick room also get gravity. would this work? what are all the problems? will you help me?


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Well... this strategy isn't as perfect as it sounds. The biggest problem is that you are entirely open to attacks that have priority. After using Power Trick, Shuckle becomes as frail as a bubble. Seeing that Pokemon like Talonflame and Azumarill are everywhere in doubles, this is a huge problem.

The second problem is the amount you need to set up. First you have to set up Trick Room, and then Power Trick, and through all that you need to keep your Follow Me user alive. If you are against an experienced player, he will probably take out the Follow Me user the first thing in the game by predicting a Follow Me and slapping powerful moves on. If the strategy somehow breaks in any of these step, you're Shuckle is pretty much screwed. Having to set up Gravity makes it even harder. The worst part is that it's doubles, which is very fast paced. Every turn counts, and wasting them like this is usually a big blunder.

The third problem is Earthquake. While you say that you can remedy yourself from Flying types and Levitate bearers using Gravity, it also means that you will be hitting your own Pokemon as well. That can almost never be a good thing, and in doubles, Earthquake and other multi-target moves are nerfed to about half their power. Because of this, many Pokemon will survive this hit (even when uninvested in any form of defense, which almost never happens).

Here's a damagecalc to further emphasize:

>252+ Atk Shuckle Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Gardevoir: 198-234 (71.4 - 84.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

... and to be fair, Gardevoir has just 68 HP and 65 Defense. A Pokemon can live the Earthquake, and then fire back with one of their own moves, which will almost definitely KO Shuckle because of Power Trick.

Lastly, Trick Room lasts for just 5 turns. Saying that you set up Trick Room on turn one, switch into your Shuckle (and Follow Me user as well) on turn two, and having to set up Power Split on turn three already takes away two turns of Trick Room. Assuming you were lucky enough to have Shuckle stick around for the remainder three turns, the second Trick Room ends you are not outspeeding anything, and are pretty much dead.

TL;DR : This strategy has too many problems, and very little merits. It's a better idea to have a Pokemon that doesn't need all this setting up, and can do this job better.

Hope I helped!

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Priority ruins it

And what if Trick Room wears off? More time wasted as well after switching into the Pokemon with Follow Me. Taunt ruins you as well.
Again, when spamming Earthquake, killing teammates will cause a problem when Shuckle is the only one left.
Even with all beneficial stuff, what will you do against Landorus? And many other bulky Pokemon for that matter.
What if the Trick Room Pokemon dies before you can even set up? Shuckle is screwed then as well. What if Shuckle is burnt?
I am going to have to say, sorry no, it will not work unless you are playing an idiot.
Just no at all. If a Pokemon is going in Trick Room, it has to be bulky even then just in case it wears off. An example would be Slowbro. This thing can TANK like a boss so it is not likely to die even without Trick Room.
Moreover, Talonflame CAN be killed if it does not have Gale Wings (only an idiot would do this).
And Azumarill and Aqua Jet are just too much to handle for this poor little turtle. Son't torture this poor thing!
Hope I helped!
-It's a secret!

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lol, turtle torture. thanx for the answer