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Gender: lemme check... Yup guy.
Country: Australia unfortunately. Gonna move to Holland some day I hope
Favorite Pokémon: Whismicott the greatest Pokemon of all existance
Friend Codes: 3883 - 6838 -9885
If you want a real challenge, battle me.

New Shiny's comming soon!:
         -Orders were finalized, but I still have pretty much all shinys!

I also do IV trades so Pokemon with egg moves and high IVs are for trade for others of that sort

I'm not completely sure but I think my FS is ghost

Completed Pokemon Games Including ROM hacks:
           -Pokemon Snakewood
           -Pokemon Black
           -Pokemon Y
Currently Playing
         -Pokemon Fire Red
About me: Used splash attack, It was super effective
I'm a hacker, so what?
I've never used an AR or other device on a game
PercyK is a hacker too

Lookin 4:
    -Gen 6 shiny's
    -Specifically Florges, Noivern, Talonflame and goodra (All shiny)

Praise Helix
Snakewood for the win

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only if u didnt hack it tho
Dec 24, 2015 by xSuperiorSerperiorx
yeah, i want it what game do you have it on cuz if its XY or ORAS i will trade a shiny Jirachi for it
Dec 24, 2015 by xSuperiorSerperiorx
Oh well. And nice grav btw
Have a good day m8
Aug 14, 2015 by a creepy stalker
It's not a theme song. Rather a battle theme
Aug 11, 2015 by Jeremiah Bullfrog
Nope I don't know any graphic designers sorry :(
And nice theme song :D
Gl with that game!
Aug 10, 2015 by a creepy stalker
Aug 10, 2015 by Jeremiah Bullfrog
Jun 15, 2015 by a creepy stalker
I miss u ;~;
Jun 6, 2015 by a creepy stalker
Yay it's my birthday today!
Mar 2, 2015 by Jeremiah Bullfrog
Hid your question due to being too opinionated. Everyone has different tastes of music.
Mar 1, 2015 by Sempi