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ok I have this app and it showed me a trick. Can this work?

I have copied what it said and here it is:

You need the following;

an alakazam with skill swap and role play.
A shedinja with u-turn
a spiritomb (or sableye)

Go into double battle with alakazam anf shedinja, making sure your alakazam is the fastest pokemon. Have alakazam use role play on your own shedinja, it will copy shedinja's wonder guard. Then have shedinja use u-turn. Get spritomb to come into battle to take shedinja's place. Have alakazam use skill swap on spiritomb and it will have wonder guard.

so now the only way it can faint is by weather moves or moves like toxic. I just have one question. I know that skill swap doesn't work on wonder guard but does role play work on it? If not, can it work on diamond and pearl? Thanks!


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No, Wonder-guard can not be Skill-swapped or Role-played. Only Traced.


what about in diamond and pearl. Then can it be role played?
so.....if for example a Ralts traced Wonder Guard and then used skill swap??