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I was sitting on my bed talking to my friend on the phone and my friend was talking about a battle he had seen on YouTube. Apparently the guy who was battling used skill swap (or entrainment, I can't remember) with his Shedinja on to an Arcanine and the Arcanine used Burn Up, making the Arcanine typeless which means it can't have any resistances or weaknesses. My question is, would having Wonder Guard on a typeless Pokemon make it so that they are only vulnerable to indirect damage?

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Yep, it would work.

I tested this with a replay also, and, as we can see, the Entei used Burn Up, burning itself out, and then it was immune to all the moves done by the Barraskewda, even an otherwise super effective Liquidation, and Max Geyser.

But, even though it'd work, it's a very trash thing to play with in Pure Hackmons, where things like Photon Geyser (if Gen 7 and up) and omnipresent. In Gen 6 PH, which is, by far, the most popular Pure Hackmons metagame, this strategy would still suck, as Mold Breaker, Teravolt and Turboblaze is almost on each and every team, as they can hit Wonder Guard this and that also.

Hope it helped!

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I did it in a Custom Game replay as I'm too lazy to make real teams that consist of real Shedinja's, but ig it answered ur question :/
Still pardon.
Thanks this helped a lot
You're welcome!
lol that seems very overpowered, I can think only of toxic as they only way of killing it
*Pulls in Substitute or Taunt*
*Puts in immortal Rapidash*
*Sends in Mold Breaker Excadrill*