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What are all the different threats to Shedinja with either of these abilities? I'd appreciate a separate list detailing threats to Wonder Guard and Sturdy Shedinja, respectively.

And by threats, I do mean anything and everything that can affect Shedinja with either ability.

Moderator note: This question has received multiple responses that were unsatisfactory. Before answering, please ensure that you have listed all the different threats for both abilities in your response. Please do not answer saying that Shedinja cannot get Sturdy. We know that.

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Multi-hit moves don't faint sturdinja, sturdy activates each time. Your research is incomplete.
I have converted a couple of answers to comments, as they were incomplete. This may make the string of comments above difficult to read.
I'm going to put a notice on this question to help filter out incomplete responses. There are some hidden responses on this post that say 'Shedinja can't get Sturdy', in addition to this. I will make reference to that as well.
Sturdy Shedninja
It has the exact same weaknesses that normal shedninja has but it has one advantage:
with sturdy, it makes it immune to all attacking moves because it's HitPoint stat is one.
Anywhoo here are the things you can sweep sturdy shedninja with:

-Leech Seed
-Spikes (Set up before)
-Stealth Rock (Set up before)
-Toxic Spikes (Set up before)
-Entrainment (Maybe)
-Gastro Acid
-Simple Beam
-Worry Seed
-Mold Breaker (Ability)
-Rough Skin (Ability)
-Moongeist Beam
-Sunsteel Strike
That's all I can think of
Plain old shedninja
what weaknesses do you have?
obviously wonder guard eliminates all moves except Fire, Flying, Rock, Ghost, And Dark.
So we add those to the list
But that's pretty much it.
This answer still doesn't include struggle or rough skin.
To anyone posting an answer, please read the string of comments above to ensure you have ALL threats to BOTH Wonder Guard and Sturdy Shedinja in your answer. Most threats have already been commented on. Please provide comprehensible and thorough details in your answer.

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Sturdy: It cannot be damaged by normal attacks, the threat lies in:

  • Sandstorm or Hail damage,
  • damaging status (Burn, Poison, Bad Poison),
  • Stealth Rock, Spikes or Toxic Spikes upon switch-in,
  • Mold Breaker,
  • Teravolt and Turboblaze,
  • Rough Skin,
  • Leech Seed,
  • Flame Burst in doubles (as secondary effects ignore it),
  • anything to change or negate Shedinja's ability (Role Play, Entrainment, Simple Beam, Skill Swap, Worry Seed, Neutralizing Gas, Gastro Acid, Mummy, Core Enforcer)
  • moves that ignore Abilities (Photon Geyser, Moongeist Beam, Sunsteel Strike, etc.)
  • Curse by a Ghost-type (or used by Shedinja),
  • self-inflicted fainting (Explosion, Self-Destruct, Memento),
  • Rocky Helmet,
  • Destiny Bond,
  • Fire Spin,
  • Sand Tomb,
  • Struggle,
  • Aftermath damage,
  • Infestation

Wonder Guard: the list above, minus Sand Tomb and Core Enforcer, and Fire-, Flying-, Rock-, Ghost- and Dark-type moves.

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you put it on the sturdy list and then said that everything on the sturdy list also damaged the wonder guard
This is a great list, KitkatKK2, but could you please edit your answer to be in a bulleted list to make it more comprehensible? This would be a great help to anyone viewing the question. And could you specify what changes or negates Shedinja's ability?
What about infestation and core enforcer?
Bug type, it’s immune to infestation, I’ll add core enforcer
Wonder guard Shedinja is immune to core enforcer.