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To deactivate/replace/ignore wonder guard, there are several moves you can use:
- Gastro acid which suppresses the target's ability
- Entrainment will replace wonder guard with the user's ability
- Worry seed will replace wonder guard with Insomnia
- Any move used by a Pokemon with mold breaker, teravolt, turboblaze will pass through wonder guard.
- The signature moves of the Alolan legendary trio, Sunsteel strike, Moongeist Beam, Photon geyser and their upgraded Z moves will bypass wonder guard.

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Ah the alola z moves that's the ones I forgot
also i almost forgot, skill swap, roleplay, etc does not work on wonder guard, that is why sturdy shedinja is usually paired with an entrainment mon in doubles
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Gastro Acid will suppress wonder guard until the Pokemon switches out.
Entrainment will replace wonder guard with the users ability.
Worry seed replaces wonder guard with insomnia.

Those are the only moves that deactivate wonder guard. Of course there are abilities that do so as well like neutralising gas. Mold breaker, teravolt and turboblaze ignore wonder guard when doing damage but not exactly deactivate it.

If I missed any moves please tell me.