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Wonder Guard

Role Play fails if the target has the Ability Wonder Guard. Skill Swap fails if either Pokémon has Wonder Guard. Wonder Guard cannot be copied by Power of Alchemy or Receiver. Wonder Guard can be bypassed by a Pokémon with Mold Breaker, Teravolt, or Turboblaze. It can also be bypassed by the moves Moongeist Beam and Sunsteel Strike.

But, there are other ability-changing moves that can affect Wonder Guard. Please advise.

Are you trying to do this in VGC, OU, Battle Spot, or some other format?
The 3DS format. In-game/Battle Tree....I don't do VGC or "Smogon" or Battle Spot.

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Since wonder guard can't be transferred using role play, skill swap, power of alchemy, or receiver, the only ways to transfer it are entrainment and trace. If you want to use entrainment, then you need to have an ally use entrainment and have Shedinja mimic it, and then have Shedinja use entrainment. If you want to use trace, then you need to switch in a trace Pokemon when the opponent's active Pokemon is Shedinja. The first takes three moves to set up, so the opponent can pretty easily defeat one of your Pokemon during that time. The second is unreliable, as most opponents won't have Shedinja. So there are ways to transfer wonder guard, but there are no good ways to transfer wonder guard.

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What would happen if you use Gastro Acid or hit a Pokémon with the Mummy ability with Shedinja?
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Gastro acid would nullify wonder guard, and mummy would replace wonder guard with mummy.
After using that move or hitting that ability, can you skill swap it to a Pokémon and it would get Wonder Guard?
If Shedinja was hit by gastro acid, then wonder guard would still be there, but with no effect. Skill swap still wouldn't work. If something used skill swap on a mummy Shedinja, then the Pokemon would get mummy.
So, basically, it's impossible without tracing/entraining-mimicking. Thanks.
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In doubles, you can easily use a Pokemon with the move entrainment that needs to move faster than shedinja for it to be able to use entrainment and after the entraintment the shedinja will use mimic. The next turn, the Pokemon with the move entraintment will switch out for the Pokemon you want to have wonder guard on. Next, The shedinja will use the move entraintment that it had mimicked on the Pokemon you just switched in and that Pokemon will also get the ability wonder guard. That Pokemon will have the new ability (wonder guard) until it switches out, faints or gets its ability changed by a move or ability.

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Another strategy is having a Pokemon with the ability mummy(confagrigus) and shedinja (holding focus sash) take the lead. Shedinja will use shadow sneak on the confagrigus to gain th ability mummy. The next turn, confagrigus will switch out for a carbink with the ability sturdy (hidden ability) and the move skill swap. The next turn, Carbink will use skill swap on shedinja (works because shedinja has mummy from confagrigus). Carbink will then receive the ability mummy and shedinja will receive the ability sturdy whichever makes it unkillable unless it gets poisoned (toxic or normal), burned, perish song comes in play, hit by moongeist beam or sunsteel strike or hit by a Pokemon with Mold breaker