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Transfering Shedinja's Wonder Guard Ability to Slaking..
Transfering Geodude's Sturdy Ability to Shedinja..
My question; Would this be possible to achieve?
(It would make Slaking even more of a powerhouse.. right?)

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Skill Swap. Your savior.

  • Slaking's scenario would take a long time to set up. You will need your opponent to send out 2 Pokemon with Trace. You would need to send out a Pokemon with Trace and a Slaking. On your side, Gardevoir would be a good choice. When Gardevoir's Trace activates, it will copy Trace again. Your opponent will have to switch ONE of the Trace Pokemon for a Shedinja. At the same turn, Skill Swap Trace onto Slaking. Slaking's Trace will activate and copy Wonder Guard. (Note: Huge Power would be better, if you are trying for Hackmons)
  • Shedinja's Sturdy would be hard as well.. Get a Gardevoir (Trace) and Gigalith (Sturdy) on your side. Skill Swap Sturdy onto Gardevoir. Then, switch your Gigalith out and send in Shedinja. Have your opponent send out a Pokemon with Mummy. Have Shedinja use Shadow Sneak on that Pokemon, gaining Mummy. Then, Skill Swap Gardevoir's Sturdy.

The reason why this is so complicated is that you cannot Skill Swap Wonder Guard.

Thank you. That helps tons :>
Wonder Guard can't Traced nor Skill Swapped..
Wonder Guard can be Traced.
"Wonder Guard cannot be Skill Swapped or copied by Role Play, but it can be Traced."
really.. that's disappointing :<
so.. it works.. to clearify?
It can be Traced, don't worry :3
thank you again. :D
In a double battle, send out a lopunny and a shedinja. Have your lopunny use entrainment on the opponent. Have shedinja use mimic on lopunny. Switch out lopunny into slaking. Have shedinja use entrainment on slaking. You now have a slaking with wonder guard.