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I was thinking that if I were to be in a triple battle with Cofagrigus on the left, a Spiritomb in the middle and Shedinja on the right, I could use a priority move with Cofagrigus to transfer Mummy to Spiritomb, then use another priority move with Spiritomb to attack Shedinja.
That way I would end up having a Spiritomb with Wonder Guard and with it only having a weakness to Fairy. The only problem is that I heard Wonder Guard is non transferable except with Trace, but nothing specifically talks about Mummy. Since Trace is an ability, I'd imagine Mummy would work too.

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this post isn't about wonder guard transfer, but watch the replay.
this is another way to transfer wonder guard.
using entrainment.
luckily I used follow me when the shedinja was giving the mimicked entrainment to an audino.

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You've got the concept of Mummy wrong.

By doing as you've said,

  • Cofagrigus attacks Spiritomb. If Cofagrigus is the attacking Pokemon, Mummy will not transfer.
  • Mummy is not an exchange of abilities. It is rather the changing of the attacking Pokemon's ability into Mummy. The attacked Pokemon will not gain the target's ability.
  • Wonder Guard has little to no transfer medium.
  • By your method, Mummy will spread to all your Pokemon, and all your Pokemon will have Mummy.

All in all, this and a number of things can go wrong with this strategy, so no, this has no chance of working, sorry :/

Hope I helped!

Thanks, I had a huge misconception about mummy then.