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Like this :
KitkatKK2 sent out shedinga and Pikachu! Opponent sent out Runerigus and Runerigus!
Shedinga used protect! Pikachu used Thief! Pikachu has wandering spirit, and Runerigus has static! Runerigus used Earth power! Pikachu’s air balloon protects it! Runerigus used Shadow Ball! Shedinga was protected! Shedinga used scratch! Shedinja has wandering spirit, and Pikachu has wonder guard!

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I don't think slam works on Runerigus.
really dude, not the point... his question is valid

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When a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by a contact move, it will switch Abilities between it and the target. It does not work on Wonder Guard.



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