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The team:

-4 Ghost-types (i.e. Chandelure)

Okay, so the strategy is lead with Delcatty and Audino (both holding Focus Sashes). Audino uses Skill Swap on Delcatty to gain Normalize, Delcatty uses Fake Out/Protect to stall. Delcatty switches out to a waiting Ghost-type, such as Chandelure. Audino proceeds to use Entrainment on the opponents, giving them the Normalize ability. As all their moves are now Normal-type, nothing would touch Chandelure, and it could sweep without worry. Now this strategy would be PRIME if Chandelure had it's BW hidden ability, Shadow Tag, but alas, it does not in X/Y. You could even switch out to Wobbuffett or Gothitelle to utilize S-Tag. Would it still be a good strategy, or would it be too much work?

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Might work if opponent doesnt have any ghost types (or steel, rock types)
im not sure, it could do good in gen 5 if you gave shadow-tag chandelure acid armor or calm mind, and sets up while your opponent is harmless. however, that is theory. it could be a bit hard to do things if opponent uses encore, taunt, status etc.
good work if you invented that strat though. +1
I did! Thanks! If only something other than Delcatty had Normalize.

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Yes that strategy would work although it would take some dedication to pull off. Audino has neough bulk that you can get away with running Leftovers for her. Although Delcatty will definitely need that Sash. Some much easier strategies to pull off in Doubles is Tailwind, DisQuake, and Trick Room, to name a few. Yours will work, but you have to have dedication for it, practice lots to work out potential bugs. For example Audino could get killed by a fighting move before it can use Entrainment. Taunt would render Audino incapable of using Entrainment. You might be up against two ghost Pokemon meaning that Delcatty could be double targeted. There are multiple potential scenarios that could happen making your strategy tough to pull off. It would work, but it's not foolproof unfortunately. It'd be much easier to make a Trick Room team to screw over your opponent's Pokemon.

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Oh I was just curious if it COULD work, I wasn't really sure I would actually use it ever. It seemed like a tough but fun, high risk-high reward type of strat.
Definitely could work, difficult to pull off, but yes it would be fun if you succeeded. If you're playing for fun then I'd say go for it just for the lol's.