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Mew @ can't decide on item
252 HP/4 SpA/252 Spe
-Aura Sphere

Shuckle @ can't decide on item
4 HP/252 Def/252/SpD
- Shell Smash

Because Transform copies all stats besides HP, Mew transforming into Shuckle would become a Pokemon with ridiculous HP and both defenses, with THREE stats maxed. Toxic causes foes to take an increasing amount of damage each turn, and Infestation prevents those poisoned Pokemon from switching out. Shell Smash, with Contrary involved, would increase both defenses and protect it from setup. Rest heals all HP, Toxic, and forces the opponent to attack for 2 turns, wasting PP, while Shuckle does not. It seems to me like the ultimate stall.
By the way, should I give them Leftovers or Leppa Berries?

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Just a comment: you can't have two Pokemon with the same item
Ok, so just suggest an item for Mew and I'll give the other to Shuckle.
Taunt, Encore, Substitute, Steel types, Poison types.
Double teaming is also a thing in doubles easily taking down mew/shuckle
That's why infestation affects everything. I once used a dusclops wall and when it was taunted, my opponent could only take out a third to a half of its HP per taunt. pretty sure that this wall is even better.
Crimson has a point though, there are too many ways to counter this team.

For instance  on turn one  you'll need to set up,  if one of the enemies pokemon uses substitute then you're in more trouble than you think you're in AS MEW WILL COPY SHUCKLE'S ATTACK STATS AND MOVES.

This takes away a huge amount of diversity from your team.
Do questions like this actually get answered?

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To be frank: no.

While in theory it might seem like a solid strategy, like the comments section has stated, there are too many counters to this team. Substitute anything. Thundurus' Prankster Taunt. Double targeting. Opposing setup that can power through Contrary Shell Smash. (Mega Salamence can boost up and proceed to KO with some double-targeting.) Unaware Clefable. Perish Trapper Mega Gengar (if VGC.) The list goes on and on, and honestly, the hassle and amount of setup isn't worth it.

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UU doubles doesn't have Thundurus, Mega Salamence, Clefable or Mega Gengar. I'm pretty sure if that list continued, the rest would also not be in UU... (sorry just le devil's advocate here xP)

Btw yes that strategy would STILL not work.
Thanks. I'll stick to NU singles, I guess.
No problem. Good luck!