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It currently knows:
Fire Punch
Poison Jab
Zen Headbutt
High Jump Kick
Don't change any of the other moves. I had a huge problem covering Flying types. Should I teach it one of the other elemental punches or should I just stick with Fire Punch? This is for X and Y competitive play; by the way.

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Is this for WiFi? in-game? Showdown?

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Ice Punch or Thunder Punch

as these moves cover Medicham's flying type weakness which you said you have 'a huge problem' with.

Which one depends on the moves of the rest of your team. Fire Punch could even be the better elemental punch to have if you have an ice and electric type on your team but you haven't given that information.

If you were to base it off Medicham's ability to sweep then I would give it Ice Punch as it gives Medicham better coverage and won't be walled by Gliscor (thanks Fondant) a common physical wall in OU.

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say i do have all the types on my team? this is based only based on medicham's coverage and survival in battle to sweep.
Ice Punch, otherwise it's walled by Gliscor.
btw can you answer?
its xy not showdown no tiers but thanks anyways
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It depends on whether your team has more trouble with Gliscor/Dragonite or with Gyarados. I personally prefer Ice Punch but that's just me. I wouldn't suggest running Fire Punch though, Ferrothorn and Scizor are both OHKOed by both Mega Medicham and Life Orbed Medicham using High Jump Kick. The only thing I can think of that you would need Fire Punch for is Skarmory, but it still gets two shouted by High Jump Kick. Also there are many good Fire types that you can use this gen, Talonflame, Charizard, Heatran, being just a few. Hope this helped, again, this is just my opinion so whatever you feel that your team needs is your decision :)