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Hmm, this punching beast can't use Fire or Ice Punch? I know Breloom is weak to both Ice and Fire, but Emboar learns Scald and Whiscash learns Spark so that NO excuse.

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I'm pretty sure most Pokemon movepools are randomly generated, and Breloom just happened to get thunder punch and not the other two.
Also, Whiscash isn't weak to spark...
Some Pokémon learn moves through tutor, Level-up, or TM that they are weak to, but others do not....

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I think it actually is because Breloom is weak to Fire and Ice. The only Grass-types that can learn Fire Punch are Lombre and Ludicolo, which aren't weak to Fire. The only Grass-types that learn Ice Punch are Lombre, Ludicolo, Snover, and Abomasnow, none of which are weak to Ice. Several Grass-types can learn Thunder Punch, and none of them are weak to Electric. In addition, no Bug-types can learn Fire Punch and the only Water-types that learn Thunder Punch are Lombre and Ludicolo. I don't know why Emboar specifically can learn Scald, but it's not too big of a stretch since Scald shoots boiling water at the opponent. Whiscash learns Spark because Whiscash is based on catfish and some catfish can generate electricity. So I guess this is more Game Freak logic, but it kind of makes sense.

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Let me get this strait. i would select this answer but ima need a more reasonable answer to why they cant learn it
No you really don't. This answer is perfectly acceptable for a question that is inherently flawed. There's times where gamefreak logic doesn't make sense and questions trying to figure out why things happen are nearly impossible to answer. Any answer like this that atleast identifies a pattern should be considered. Don't expect a much better answer.
Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Dragonite, Ledian, Rhyperior, Golurk, Diggersby, and Kommo-O can learn ice punch despite being weak to ice. Mega Aggron and Jirachi can learn fire punch despite being weak to fire. Charizard, Ledian, and Hawlucha can learn thunder punch despite being weak to electric.
Yeah there is no good reason. It's all gamefreak logic