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Grimmsnarl @ Expert Belt
Ability: Frisk
- Drain Punch
- False Surrender
- Spirit Break
- Ice Punch / Fire Punch

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Why not just alternate between both since both moves are TM's?
You should have brick break for one instead of drain punch. And then, what is the rest of the team.
Why is Brick Break better than Drain Punch? Screens aren't common in-game, and Drain Punch recovers HP.

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I'd say go for Ice Punch - It provides better coverage than compared to Fire Punch.

It also hits the last gym, the Dragon Type, hard.
Fire Punch can be kept if you want coverage against Steel types, but Drain Punch covers that.

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Well fairy moves with STAB do hit harder than ice Punch :P
You're welcome!
And a 4x IPunch hits harder than STAB Spirit Break, but yep, SBreak better tho.
And I uh made that comment as a general one, because a lot of dragons are 4x to Ice.