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I'm going to have a Golurk that has Iron Fist and the moves Thunder Punch , Drain Punch, and Shadow Punch. Should the fourth move be Fire Punch, or Ice Punch?

Also, should I have and Adamant or Jolly nature?

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Jolly is not going to help that Base 55 Speed. Use Adamant, unless you plan on having Rock Polish.

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Between the two, I would choose Ice Punch to counter grass types and more. I would suggest swapping out Thunder Punch for Earthquake though, since Earthquake is a strong move powered by STAB.

For the nature, it depends more on what you want. I would go with Jolly if you use it as a sweeper, or Adamant is you want its already good attack stat to be even better. If you use it as a sweeper, you might want to consider adding Rock Polish.

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Ice Punch covers grass as well? It also gives Dragon/ Flying/ Ground coverage. Fire only gives Ice/ Bug/ Steel which isn't relevant when Golurk is resistant to Bug and has Drain Punch.

Realistically Thunder Punch should be swapped out for Earthquake, unless Gyarados is a massive threat to your team (then again I can't see Golurk being a viable solution to Gyarados). Only covers Water, and you don't want Golurk to stay in on a Water Pokemon anyway.
Hmm, that makes sense, I'll change it. Thanks!