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Want a good electric type for team you can suggest others to me though. Thanks!!

Ampharos all the way. Mega evo plus HYPER Special Attack. And awesome hair.

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Mega manectric.
Manectric is speedy and special attacker with no Def or SpD
Luxray has more rounded stats, and focuses on attack
However, Mega evolving Manectric gives it slightly better Def and SpD than Luxray, and despite its smaller movepool, a Manectric with egg moves like electro ball and shock wave can dominate your opponents.
So if you can get the Mega stone by trading, do it.

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You can't get the mega stone by trading...... It's not in the code
If you trade directly with another player, you can trade mega stones
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If I had to choose between these two, I would go with Manectric, as long as we're talking about xy or oras, otherwise, go with luxray. However, an electric type Pokemon that I've found to be very useful is Raichu, but only after it learns some good moves while it's Pikachu. Or maybe you want a brutish electric type Pokemon, then you should try Electivire, just make sure you like his stats, ability, and EVs before you trade him into an Electivire. My final answer would be Raichu or Manetric(with megastone).

Why so? You state you like certain Pokemon over others, but never really explain why.
what about magnezone?