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I need help with my team, and I’m thinking about either Roserade or Luxray. They both have good stats, are found early, and have great designs. I know I want to use one but can’t decide. Thanks for helping!

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You should use Weavile instead of Froslass because Weavile has better stats.

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I recommend using Roserade. Shinx and Roselia arrive at levels 10 and 20, respectively, so using Roselia saves some experience in the early game and makes it easier to defeat Roark and Gardenia. Roserade's special attack is much higher than Luxray's. Luxray has higher physical attack, but its physical STAB has only 65 base power. This is the moveset I recommend. Roserade can't learn growth or petal dance, so make sure Roselia knows them before evolving.

Roselia -> Roserade @ poison barb/expert belt/choice specs
Ability: natural cure
EVs: 100 Spe
- stun spore -> sludge bomb
- leech seed -> shadow ball
- magical leaf -> giga drain -> petal dance
- growth

Also you should use Weavile instead of Froslass because Weavile has better stats.

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Roserade requires Stone iirc? Also, can you obtain Budew instead of Roselia since it comes at lower levels.
Roserade requires Shiny stone. Also, it is pain to evolve Budew to Roselia. Second stage friendship evolutions are generally tough. However, you can easily get a Roselia instead of Budew.
Yes you can get a lower level Budew, but why would you want that?
I think Mamoswine is better than Weavile because it has high HP and Attack to be able to take hits very well and easy to evolve while Weavile is very frail and takes longer to evolve you need to give it a Razor Claw and evolve it during nighttime. To evolve Mamoswine you need to teach Ancient Power via Move Relearner and level it up, it works anytime.
Hmm yeah, but the asker's team already has a ground type and it needs a solid member who can take on Lucian and Cynthia's Garchomp (I bet his / her Garchomp can't handle them)
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I think Luxray would be better suited to your team. It has super effective attacks against Crasher Wake, a few Pokemon of other notable Trainers like Cyrus, and has a slightly larger movepool than Roserade. Intimidate is also a very good Ability. Roserade has a shallower movepool, and its STAB isn't super effective against as many things.

Luxray @ Magnet / Expert Belt
Ability Intimidate
- Spark / Thunder Fang / Thunderbolt
- Crunch
- Return / Strength
- Iron Tail

I ordinarily wouldn't suggest Iron Tail on a Pokemon, but Luxray's movepool is too shallow for much else.

Hope I helped!

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Luxray can learn superpower only after defeating Cynthia. Also magnet is probably better than most other items.