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I'm going to use it in-game, and in a lot of battles against a friend of mine. I'm planning to give it:

  • Spark (I think it's better than Thunder fang because it has higher
    accuracy, and i'd like to concentrate more on the 30% chance of
    paralyzing the target.)
  • Crunch
  • Iron Tail

What should I give it as a 4th move?
I'd rather not give it moves like Superpower, because you can't get that until after the E4.
Also, should I replace Spark with Thunder Fang, and give it the Wide Lens? That could help with Iron Tail too.
Thanks in Advance.

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Try Thunder Fang for power or Ice Fang for Ground coverage. You could also go for Return which is 102 BP at max happiness.
Don't answer unless you have someting to add, you literally just combined both our answeres, and he already has Spark/Thunder Fang.
I think I'm going with Return. Ice fang would be perfect for ground, grass, and dragon types. But it's level 31, and I don't want to breed an new Shinx. What do you think? Is breeding it for only in-game use and battling friends worth it?
Btw, I'm not getting Electivire, even though it can learn the punching moves via the move tutor. I can only get him just before challenging the 8th gym.

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Ground coverage.

Luxray can learn Ice Fang, which is super effective against Ground type Pokmeon and alot of other in-game Pokemon and Pokemon your friend will probably have, like Staraptor and Roserade.

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Nice.Good answer,Terlor.
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Since it's a psychical Luxray, the only choice I see is Strength (80 BP) or Return (102 BP on Max Happiness).